Respect Consult was established in 1997 in Plovdiv. It was founded by two professionals – Katerina Gushkova, MA in Economics and Law, and the lawyer Vahram Eramyan. At the beginning they start earning their clients trust by themselves. As the work increases, so does the number of employees in the company and it is currently one of the biggest in the country. Learn more about us

Respect Consult - Membership

Respect Consult is a member of the Board of Directors of Sienit Holding Jsc; Respect Consult is a deputy Chair of the Bulgarian-Chinese Business Development Association; Respect Consult is a member of the Belgo-Bulgarian Association Best2B.

Сиенит Холдинг Сиенит Холдинг Сиенит Холдинг

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Respect Consult - Projects

Respect Consult is in the core for the development of a series of important projects in different fields.

Trakia Economic Zone (TEZ) is the assembly of 6 industrial zones in Plovdiv region. European Education In Bulgaria

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Partners on the journey to success!

Respect Consult stands out with:

Impressive professionalism and excellent achievements

measured with the most competent service for the client and striving for continuous development


finding the best solutions through creative thinking to achieve perfect results with minimum risk for the client


establishing lasting relationships with clients and other consulting companies

consulting company Respect Consult

Respect Consult is one of the leading and most trusted consulting companies in the city of Plovdiv and the Republic of Bulgaria. Owing to its long years of experience, complex and reliable services, the company is a nationwide leader in the legal, tax and financial consulting business with its highly qualified team of professionals – lawyers, economists, accountants, appraisers.


Respect Consult advises Bulgarian and foreign individuals and legal entities, non-profit organizations and multinational companies in all areas of law: Company law; Contract law; bankruptcy; Real estate law; construction; Administrative law and administrative processes; Labor law and social security; Financial, Tax and Insurance law; Criminal law and procedures; Family law; energy and natural resources. The company performs legal representation in court and arbitration. It registers companies under the Commerce Act, non-profit organizations, foundations, consortiums, offshore companies.

In order for the client to receive complex service, the company also offers accounting services as well as collaboration with notaries, PEA’s and other specialists.


Respect Consult is one of those consultancy companies that can work in many languages at a highly professional level – English, Russian, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Greek and Chinese.

Our team’s long-term experience shows that the direct contact with foreign clients is very important because of their right to anonymity and confidentiality.

Respect Consult offers a throughout legal servicing.

The company provides legal services abroad with the help of its renowned international partners.