Protection of the Armenian cultural heritage and support of the education in Bulgaria

Respect Consult initiated its first major pro bono project in 2001 by establishing the Mesrop Mashtots Association. This was the first association registered under the new Bulgarian Act for non-for-profit organisations in Plovdiv. Guided by the idea to protect the cultural heritage and support education in Bulgaria, the Law firm drafted the initial founding documents, as well as all necessary papers for the association’s activities.

In 2003, thanks to Mesrop Mashtots Association’s excellent work, a two-floor building was constructed for educating the primary students of the Viktoria and Krikor Tyutyundjian” school. It is the only Armenian school in Bulgaria.

Lawyer Lawyer Vahram Eramyan is one of the Association founders, as well as a deputy-chairperson, while actively working towards implementing its mission and goals. In 2009, on behalf of the Mesrop Mashtots Association, lawyer Eramyan has earned the Honorary Award for significant contribution during the construction process, fully funded by donations for the new Armenian school building, as a continuation of ancient Armenian tradition.

Respect Consult continues its activity for preserving Armenian cultural heritage. Lawyer Nikolay Vasilev is among the newest benefactors of the Armenian Apostle Church “Surp Kevork” in Plovdiv. In December 2021 lawyer Vasilev donated a rare edition of the New Testament in Armenian language printed in Tsarigrad in 1897. The little book had been given to lawyer Vasilev by one of the ancestors of the famous Bulgarian revivalist Hristodul Sechanov. Father Hrach Muradyan accepted the artifact and expressed his gratitude on behalf of all Armenians in Bulgaria. The Testament is now part of the church museum display.

In the photos: 1. Honorary award of a lawyer Vahram Eramyan for his contribution to the construction of the new school building of the Armenian School
2. Adv. Nikolay Vassilev and Father Hrach Muradyan with the donated Bible in Armenian language