E-mail: gushkova@respectconsult.com
Катерина Гушкова

Katerina Gushkova

Katerina Gushkova is a managing partner of Respect Consult, specializing in Business law, relationships with banks and other financial institutions, organizing and project management.
Ms. Gushkova is part of the expert team that created the first industrial zones in Bulgaria. In this area she has extensive experience and is sought for consultations regarding the implementation of major investment projects, serving commercial and administrative centers, in construction and in real estate, in finance and loans. At international level, she has helped many foreign companies to do successful business in Bulgaria.

Known for her erudition, positivism and rapid delivery of expertise, Ms. Gushkova is a valued consultant and partner in solving the even most complicated cases.
In 1997 Katerina Gushkova with Vahram Eramyan set the foundations of Respect Consult. Before that, from 1994 to 1997 she has worked as an economist at "Sienit" Ltd.

Katerina Gushkova has an MA degree in Economics and Management of Commerce, with a diploma from 1993 from the University of National and World Economy – Sofia. In 1998 she graduated with an MA degree in law from UNWE.
She had graduated a Secondary School in Moscow. In 1988-1989 she studied at the Russian Economics University "G. V. Plehanov" in Moscow.