Respect consult 2019 Overview

Counseling deals on the scheme of headmost investors nationwide, plus, working with no small part of foreign clients stood Plovdiv lawyers from Respect Consult in good stead in 2019

Investment companies from Bulgaria and abroad, clients from Paris, OAE, Shanghai, and Odessa trusted their 2019 deals to Respect Consult. The upscale competent law services provided by the Plovdiv-based lawyers were provided equally to the business and to natural persons in their effort to acquire Bulgarian citizenship and sojourn in the country. The wide spectrum of legal services and the deal performed in the previous year make Respect Consult stand out again as well-positioned amidst the eminent and best trusted law offices nationwide. Speaking of 2019, the corporate team asserts it was efficient, booming, and replete with challenges.

Prime Achievements:

Involved on the scheme of headmost investors in Bulgaria

As the law office counseling Sienit Holding, Respect Consult plays a major part of the team to have established and keep advancing Trakia Economic Zone (TEZ). The law office is highly instrumental in bringing off negotiations and placement of deals with commanding investors in Bulgaria.

A case in point is Odelo Bulgaria, plying into the Turkish consortium Bayraktarlar Holding which is a prime supplier of automobile head-lights worldwide. It was the law office of Respect Consult to have provided the law services on the deal placed among Sienit Holding and the Turkish company in effecting the sale of the plot, and the construction of the factory. For a record-breaking short period of a single year the manufacturing facility complete with an office building came true over 23 000 sq.m GFA. In 2019, Prime Minister Boyko Borisov inaugurated the Mercedes head-lights manufacturing facility of Odelo Bulgaria in TEZ. Find out more about the investment here.

Respect Consult attends to attracting, negotiating and financing of the first aircraft industry works in Bulgaria – the facility of the French Latécoère. 2019 saw the company doubling its capacity upping its manufacturing area by a new 4000 sq.m. A start was given also to a new manufacturing work – head for Airbus airplanes. Find out more about the investment here.

In March 2019, Kaufland made the official launch of the expansion of its logistics development in Trakia Economic Zone. Following the expansion, the total area of the development arrived at 390 000 sq.m which ranks it the largest-scale logistics facility in Bulgaria, and places at the fore in the Balkans also. Respect Consult did the legal counseling for Sienit Holding in the sale of the plot and the construction of the site. Find out more about the investment here.

It was through the legal counseling agency of Respect Consult that the Turkish company Mel Textil got attracted and placed a deal for development of an aircraft and automobile textile manufacturing factory in Trakia Economic Zone.

The spring of 2020 will see the opening of the high-tech park of the Turkish and German SPINNER factory. The factory is to produce CNC machines. Respect Consult did the legal counseling for Sienit Holding in the sale of the plot and the construction of the site.

Deal for the purchase and finance of a large-scale hotel development

Respect Consult is playing on the scheme of negotiating the acquisition and bankrolling of the sales & purchase deal of one of Plovdiv landmarks – the SPS Hotel. The Buyer, namely Hotel Plovdiv 2019 with major shareholders being the prominent Plovdiv businesses Podem and Strom, trusted the long years of experience backing up the law office. Find out more on the renovated SPS Hotel here.

Acquiring a citizenship and residence in Bulgaria

In parallel with its involvement in large project schemes, Respect Consult provides reliable services to natural persons in need of Bulgarian citizenship. In 2019 the law office made the dream of a Bessarabian Bulgarian come true, namely to acquire a citizenship from his land of origin. A Chinese citizen was procured a permit of permanent stay in Bulgaria on the grounds of the investment placed, again on the strength of the legal counseling by Respect Consult.

Public activities

Respect Consult provides legal services to NPOs also. The law office does a free legal counseling job for ‘Friends of the Basilica – Plovdiv’ foundation which is raising funds from the business and townspeople alike to set up cultural events, performances, educational programs for children, exhibitions, conferences at the largest museum of the mosaic in Europe, notably, the Episcopal Basilica of Philipopolis. Find out more about the investment at the foundation`s website.