Trade Representative office (TRO) in Bulgaria

One of the most popular, cost-effective and fast option for non-EU citizens to obtain residence in Bulgaria

Bulgarian residence is not only a prerogative for high-net-worth individuals (HNWI) who can invest millions in our Golden Visa programme. Many other young entrepreneurs, digital nomads, or just expats who are not EU citizens nowadays want to come and live in Bulgaria.
For all these people, the best option is the Trade Representative office (TRO) of a Foreign company as the way to obtain a temporary (extended) residence permit in Bulgaria. Then they can start doing all the necessary research work for their business expansion or relocation in our country completely without any trouble.

Important requirements for opening TRO

All the requirements are fully described in the Foreigners Act. The Foreigners act considers as foreigners all persons who are not citizens of any of the member States of European union, the European Economic Area or Swiss confederation (European citizens). All these foreigners need to meet some legal requirements to legally reside in Bulgaria.
First To have a successful registration of a Trade Representative office the clients need to be owners or to be appointed by a company which has more than 2 years of activity. This company needs to prove the lack of any Obligations to the government of registration.
For all requirements and important conditions we provide a full list when you contact some of our lawyers.
Let it be noted that TRO is not a legal entity and cannot be used for commercial activity - trading, construction, etc. If they need to do a real business, different from research activities, it will be obligatory to register a company.

The way or Visa D and residence permit

Up to three persons can be assigned in the Trade Representative office. All of them can apply for Visa D.
All these persons need to provide a clear non-criminal record from their home country.
Next, we can provide an office address and proof of accomodation in Bulgaria (personal address).
When all the documents are prepared our team will do all the necessary applications for Visa D.
After successfully obtaining the Visa D, all the approved persons need to visit Bulgaria to apply for a Residence permit and get their ID cards. Their extended residence permit needs to be renewed annually. Usually the procedure can take from 4 to 6 months or more depending on the time some of the company documents can be provided - Certificates, Annual financial statements, translations, etc. All our clients can rely on our professional experience and will receive full service for the whole procedure.

Benefits of a TRO

● Every person will receive an ID card which will give him the opportunity to enter the Country multiple times. During the pandemic all Bulgarian ID residence card holders can enter the borders despite their nationality or if they come from a country from the Red list.
● After 5 years of holding this permit, they can apply for Permanent residence.
● No need to reside in Bulgaria
● Possibilities of family reunification
● Easy application for Shengen visa
● Holders of a Bulgarian residence permit can travel legally to Romania, Croatia and Cyprus for 90 days in any 180 days period without visa.

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Register a TRO in Bulgaria of an foreign parent company and become a Bulgarian resident.

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