Obtaining Bulgarian citizenship by origin

Quick and easy way for a new passport for persons with bulgarian relatives up to 3rd generation

There are many people who want to acquire a second citizenship quickly and easily. One of these options is obtaining citizenship by descent. Even if they do not plan to live abroad immediately, they wil have the opportunity in the future to move to live there and travel (for example in EU) as citizens of that country.

All over the world, the procedure for obtaining citizenship by origin is quick and easy. This also applies to Bulgaria.

There are hundreds of thousands of potential candidates who, if they prove that they have Bulgarian parents, grandparents or great-grandparents, can apply for Bulgarian citizenship by origin. Most of these Bulgarian descendants live in Ukraine, Moldova, Turkey and the United States, and they have the practical opportunity to obtain EU citizenship.


According to Art. 15 of the Bulgarian Citizenship Act allows foreign citizens to acquire Bulgarian citizenship by origin if they meet the following three conditions:
1. A person of Bulgarian origin.
2. A person adopted by a Bulgarian citizen under the conditions of full adoption.
3. A person whose parent is a Bulgarian citizen or has died as a Bulgarian citizen.

With the amendments to the Bulgarian Citizenship Act in March 2021 it`s required the applicant to submit official documents issued by Bulgarian or foreign authorities certifying that the applicant is related to at least one person - his ascendant up to and including the third degree, who is of Bulgarian origin. A Certificate from the Agency for Bulgarians Abroad is no longer required.

Our lawyers from Respect Consult have significant experience with clients of Bulgarian origin and can assist and support you for the overall procedure – from the sourcing, evaluation and coordination, as well as the overall preparation of all necessary documents. If you have difficulties in obtaining documents proving your Bulgarian origin, our law firm will assist you in obtaining copies of official documents from the Municipality where your ancestors were born, such as birth, death or marriage certificate, etc., as well as any accompanying documents such as Diploma for completed education, etc.


After the amendments to the Citizenship Act in March 2021, the time for considering the application forBulgarian citizenship by origin is 9 months from the submission.

If you have questions or need assistance, our lawyers will help you in the entire procedure for obtaining Bulgarian citizenship by origin.

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