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Николай Василев

Nikolay Vasilev

Nikolay Vasilev is a attorney, who advises companies in the field of Corporate law and Obligation Law. He has extensive experience in consulting and implementation of the entire documentation for various transformations – separation, merger, consolidation, sale of businesses, liquidations. He specializes in issues related to the changes in the size and structure of capital, change in ownership between partners/stakeholders, providing support for the convening of general meetings of the management and control bodies, respectively the partners and shareholders.

Attorney Vasilev works exclusively with companies in the field of construction, commerce, energy and also is an expert in preparation of contracts, agreements, due diligence, partnership records, deeds, ets.

He consults and provides services for individuals and legal entities on issues from all areas of insurance.

Nikolay Vasilev graduated Law in the University of Plovdiv Paisiy Hiendarski in 2007. During his studies, in 2005 he was an intern in Respect Consult. Since the beginning of 2008 he is a full member of the team as a legal adviser.

Member of Rotari Club Plovdiv – Philippolol, District 2482