Consulting in all areas of law: Corporate law, Contract Law, bankruptcy, Real estate law, construction, Administrative law and administrative process, Labor law and social security, Financial, Tax and Insurance law, Criminal law and procedure, Family law, energy and natural resources. The firm performes legal representation in court and arbitration. It registeres companies under the Commerce Act, non-profit organizations, foundations, consortia offshore companies.
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Main areas of activity

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Company law. commercial transactions. law of obligation. bancruptsy.

Respect Consult offers everything in the field of Company law – from the initial establishment and structuring of all types of companies under the Commercial code, advice for selecting the most appropriate business form, establishment of branches, to the performance of full accounting services.


The lawyers at the company have extensive experience in commercial law and this ensures the quality of the service and advice when setting up new businesses and creating local branches of foreign companies.

The lawyers at the company consult on issues related to changes in the size and structure of the capital, changes in ownership between partners/shareholders, drafting legal documents – in connection with the convening of general meetings of the management and supervisory bodies of the company, respectively the partners and the shareholders.

Acquisition of licenses, permits – required for work in the respective sectors. The Lawyers’ job is to advise clients and draft documentation for acquisition, merger, division, separation and change in the legal form, purchasing an enterprise, etc. as well as making representation before the Commission for Protection of the Competition.

The consulting company can prepare a legal analysis upon the request of buyers, sellers as well as shareholders in all aspects of transactions, it also provides representation in negotiations, making protocols for partnership, agreements for confidentiality, letters, etc. Respect Consult advises, drafts documents and representation in connection with the liquidation and bankruptcy of companies, including legal representation in court in all phases of bankruptcy of the clients and in both capacities – as a creditor and a debtor. The company has extensive experience in advising clients who are creditors to secure their claims in bankruptcy of their debtors.


The company prepares all types of commercial contracts and participates in negotiations in commercial transactions. The team has accumulated a lot of experience in drafting long-term leases, based on its partnership with one of the largest commercial centers in Bulgaria.

Property law. real estate. construction

Respect Consult is a leading consultancy company in the country with its extensive experience in real estate and construction . It is a partner of one of the largest construction companies in Bulgaria – "Sienit Holding".

The company has a specialized unit that mediates the selection of the most suitable real estate and their acquisition; it also provides comprehensive legal services for construction contracts , agreements, preparation for leases, contracts for property management and multifunctional complexes, representation in court cases connected with property law.


The company has advised Bulgarian and foreign investors in the purchasing of real estates and construction of residential, holiday, commercial and industrial buildings. In this regard the team offers advice on the selection of the best real estate, a comprehensive legal tracking of ownership history, lack of attachment of third parties on the property. The lawyers offer the best way to acquire the property – trough a deed, apport, etc., depending on the specific economic needs, as well as advice on all aspects, that may arise from tax issues.


Respect Consult has impressive expertise in consolidation of agricultural lands – removing ownership status of the estate, finding and negotiating with landowners, representing in all state and municipal institutions, incl. the Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre Agency. The lawyers of the company have consulted during some of the largest real estate deals in Bulgaria.

Respect Consult is the consultant of Bulgarian and foreign investors in deals about the acquisition of property, rentals, finance and commercial partnerships in some of the largest industrial areas in the country.

Non-profit partnerships. foundations. consorcium

The company registers non-commercial entities, foundations, consortiums, etc. It offers legal advice and services, assistance in convening General Meetings, drafting minutes, invitations, and all kinds of documents regarding the administration and management of such organizations.

It acts as a corporate secretary by monitoring the legal holding of the meetings, the collection of all documents, their storage in special archives.

Energy and natural resources

Respect Consult advises clients on issues concerning establishments for generation, transmission, distribution and trade of electricity, including such from renewable sources. The company can represent clients in the procedural dealings with the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism and the State Energy and Water Regulatory Commission, and other state and municipal institutions.

The specialists from Respect Consult took active part in the negotiations and documentation of the contract deal with one of the world’s biggest solar energy companies regarding the construction of Bulgaria’s biggest Solar Park.

Administrtive law and administrative process

The lawyers of Respect Consult are proficient in consulting and drafting papers for administrative legal issues. They represent clients in connection with administrative issues in front of various governmental and municipal institutions, such as the Competition Protection Commission, Personal Data Protection Commission, Financial Supervision Commission, administrative courts, supreme administrative court, etc.

Employment law and social security

Respect Consult assists its clients in matters concerning employment and social legislation. The provided services include continual consultations of companies regarding employment and social-security legal issues, as well as services for individuals that have had problems with the employment and social legislation.

Occupational Health Service Laboratory

There is an Occupational Health Service Laboratory within the structures of Respect Consult – one of the first in Bulgaria. It provides consultations and expert support for employers, in compliance with the Healthy and Safe Working Environment Act, for implementing preventative measures, introducing the constant improvement principle for managing the activities ensuring health and safety.

It performs health monitoring for which it corresponds with competent medical teams to conduct screenings.

It assists employers in correcting activities required by the controlling governmental institutions.

Financial, tax and insurance law


Respect Consult provides services and advice in banking and finance, corporate finance, securing loans, project financing, lending to costumers, applying for loans, including representation for the interests of clients in applying for a loan from a bank.
The lawyers offer advice and protection on all the areas of Tax law – The VAT Act, Corporate Income Tax Act, Local Tax Act, Personal Income Tax Act, regulations for avoiding double taxation, etc.

The lawyers advice on opportunities for favorable tax decisions, litigation in cases of a fiscal nature and others.

They implement consultations and services related to all aspects of insurance – life insurance, property insurance, accidents, professional responsibility and other at the conclusion of the insurance contracts.
The company represents clients by filing complaints to the Commission for Financial Supervision and the insurance and the reinsurance companies in disputes related to insurance events. It offers legal representation in court or in out-of-court structures in relation to insurance matters.

Registration of offshore companies

Respect Consult registers trade companies in offshore zones like Cyprus, Panama and the British Virgin Islands with the registration of a new company or the buying of an already registered one. The company provides full representation in the process of registration or purchasing of a company. In case of a purchase of a whole company – we can draft a declaration from the current owner stating that there are no current company debts.


It works with professionals from the above mentioned countries, provides office and official correspondence and registration address.
Full company post-registration servicing is provided – accounting, operational papers processing, administrative documentation support, bank account management, business process coordination, etc.

Penal code and case law


Respect Consult performs legal consultations and representation in the field of Criminal law. It offers assistance and legal defense connected with apprehension by the pre-court institutions, in raised criminal claims, in imposed preventative restraint, in the process of investigation activities, defense in the penal court, appeal of penal court rulings in compliance with the administrative and court procedures.
It provides assistance and legal protection of victims of crime – filing complaints to the authorities, civil claims for compensation of pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages.

Family and inheritance law

The lawyers of the company advise on all legal norms that govern relations based on marriage, kinship and adoption, guardianship and matters related to Inheritance law – property relations in connection with the transfer of property from one person to another.

litigation and arbitrary representation.

The company offers court representation in court cases raised by claims on all Bulgarian court levels concerning: business disputes, internal business arbitration, tax cases, defense in employment disputes, administrative cases concerning regulatory activities – hydro-power sector, electricity, customs, import, concentration, monopoly; concessions, public procurement - appealing the decisions of the assigning party in public bids, insurance claims. Respect consult provides representation before special jurisdictions - Commission for Competition Protection, Commission for Personal Data Protection, Commission for Consumer Protection, and Commission for Protection against Discrimination.

Accounting services

For the client to receive full service Respect Consult offers quality accounting services from qualified accountants.