Our experts work on large-scale business restructuring – mergers, acquisitions, aportations.
We provide support with drafting complex and extensive contract agreements dealing with all areas of law.
We provide representation at the Bulgarian court for cases and appeals.
We can register companies abiding the Bulgarian Trade Law, non-profit organisations, foundations, consortiums.

Investment projects

Get a complex service set for real estate deals, investment planning, research.

Residential and commercial estates

Consultations in the field of real estate.

Mergers, Acquisitions, Split-ups, Split-offs

Get help with restructuring your company

Starting a business

Registering companies, partnerships, foundations, consortiums.

Contracts, agreements, trade deals

Get some professional support with drafting all kinds of contracts and agreements, and negotiations with your clients.

Spacial planning solutions

Comprehensive services for implementing construction intentions.

Residence, citizenship, relocation

Immigration services. Relocation

Enforcement cases

Legal help and representation in front of Bulgarian bailiffs

Credit and tax

Advice on financial and taxation matters

Representation at the court of law

Our attorneys can represent you in all Bulgarian courts of justice and specialized jurisdictions

Administrative law and administrative process

Legal representation in front of administrative courts

Accounting services

Complete accounting servicing of your business enterprise

Respect consult Legal services, real estate, professional investment advice, research, financial analysis

Consultations in all areas of law:

Company law, obligation law, insolvency, property law, construction administrative law and administrative cases, labour law and social security; financial, tax and insurance law; justice and court cases, family and inheritance law. Our law firm can represent you at court and arbitrary count. We can register companies in compliance with the Trade Act, non-profit organisations, foundations, consortiums.

We look forward to work with you!