Real Estate INVESTMENTS Advice

Our lawyers have advised on some of the major real estate deals in Bulgaria.

Our law firm has a solid background in consulting and implementation of large-scale real estate deals in Bulgaria – concerning industrial and residential property. Our extensive law practice provides the client with the required security and can assist you in the successful realisation of your endeavours connected with the construction of large warehouse facilities, factories, residential buildings, trade centers, infrastructural projects, purchasing agricultural land, etc.

Our team of lawyers specializing in that field consists of experienced experts with background in notary practice, municipal and other administrative structures.

Our experience in real estate

We deal successfully with various real estate matters and disputes, more specifically:

  • Advice on large investment projects
  • Due diligence of real estate
  • Complete servicing throughout deals with real estate
  • Organising construction documentation
  • Change of land status
  • Legal representations in front of all kinds of institutions – Cadaster, tax authorities, municipalities
  • Drafting real estate development concept
  • Aportation of real estate into trade organisations
  • Defaulting on contract agreements connected with real estate
  • Property-based legal dispute resolution regarding ownership, exploitation right, etc.
  • Purchasing and consolidation of agricultural lands
  • Discovering and negotiations with property owners

Respect Consult is a partner of Trakia Economic zone (TEZ) – the largest sustainable progressive industrial zone in Eastern Europe, a prime example for public-private collaboration between industries, municipalities and state in the region of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The collaboration with our TEZ partners helps us offer you full service and customised investments projects. For its 20-year of existence this industrial area has attracted over 2 billion euro of investments and has accommodated over 180 foreign and Bulgarian companies, some of which renowned leaders in their respective fields.

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