Friends of the Basilica

Respect Consult has done a variety of pro bono legal services, supporting socially significant causes working for cultural heritage preservation for posterity.

In 2019 our legal practice dedicated its pro bono services to the “Friends of the Basilica” Foundation, Plovdiv. The main objective of this foundation is to transform the Bishop’s Basilica into a vital cultural centre for all locals and guests from Bulgaria and abroad. Our law office drafted the foundation papers and the complete legal concept for receiving, approving and spending donations, as well as other relevant documents.

“The fact that we live in a city that dates back to several centuries makes us realize even more clearly the transience of life and helps us work even harder with the future in mind. We supported this important project with special care for our cultural heritage and its preservation for future generations”, said Katerina Gushkova, a managing partner at Respect Consult.

“The Philipopol Basilica is a unique cultural heritage that has been reintroduced to the public thanks to this Foundation. Their mission is also ours.”, shared lawyer Vahram Eramyan, a partner at Respect Consult.