Privacy Policy of respect consult

The company Respect Consult LLC (referred herein as “The Company”), acting as a commercial enterprise, processes data (referred herein as “Personal Data”) connected with, and by which, a specific physical person is or can be identified.
With the current statement The Company, acting as a personal data administrator, announces the need to process Personal data. This statement provides information about the scale, purposes, legal grounds, means and terms for personal data processing regarding physical persons, in their quality as our clients, partners and contractors, corporate website users; the aims for using this data, the grounds for gathering and processing it, the terms for its storage, as well as the security measures, exercised by The Company.

What kinds of personal data we process?

In order to comply with all legal requirements and to run the business efficiently, The Company processes the following personal data sets:

Data about representatives, contact persons and employees of our clients, contractors and potential partners:

The Company receives personal data directly from the physical persons or legal bodies, owners of that data about physical persons, in order to sign contracts and to fulfill them. Such data comprises:
• Identification data (full name and surname, names of official representatives from other companies);
• Contact information (company address, telephone number, email address);
• Data regarding employee’s workplace and position;

Data about The Company’s website users

When users access the corporate website The Company collects information for the IP address and cookies; 

Data about company visitors at 154 Maritsa Boulevard, section A, floor 10, Plovdiv 4000, Bulgaria:

• Identification data (full names);
• Data regarding workplace;
• Images;

What purposes and legal grounds do we have for processing personal data?

In connection with signing and implementing contracts and for the purpose of serving our clients/contractors:

Data processing is necessary for:
• Implementing contracts for services, signed with our partners
• Performing activities before signing the contract, as required by The Company and/or partners;
• Complying with all stipulations required by law concerning The Company.

In connection with the marketing of products:

Data processing is necessity for the purpose of legitimate Company interests, in light of its legal interests as a commercial enterprise, on condition that those Company interests are not overcome by the interests or the basic rights and freedom of the physical person; otherwise, The Company does not process Personal data of that particular person on these legal grounds.

In connection with visitor data traffic on our website:

Data processing is a necessity for the purpose of the legitimate Company interests, in light of its legal interests as a commercial enterprise, on condition that those Company interests are not overcome by the interests or the basic rights and freedom of the physical person; otherwise, The Company does not process Personal data of that particular person on these legal grounds.

How do we store and process personal data?

The Company stores Personal data by electronic means and on paper. Additionally, The Company keeps a database with Personal data on various software applications, used by The Company to run its business activity, to perform its bookkeeping duties, to transfer funds connected with contractual obligations, etc. at The Company. Our Legal Department, Administration Department, and Accounting Department, where that data is stored, keep all data and process it in safe environment.
Access to Personal data processed by The Company is granted exclusively to those employees who need such access in order to fulfill the purposes described above, or those for whom the Law stipulates so. Such employees can be from our Legal Department, Administrative Department, and Accounting Department, as well as from The Security Department in the building where we are based.
Personal data processing can consist of collecting, noting, organizing, structuring, storing, adapting or changing, extracting, referring, using, revealing via submitting, transferring or otherwise making it accessible, sorting or combining, limiting, deleting or removing. The Company uses most of these Personal data processing methods.
The Company has and maintains a mode for protecting Personal data, which ensures efficient and safe processing of Personal Data for physical persons. 

How long do we store personal data?

The Company stores Personal data of physical persons in compliance with the stipulations of Bulgarian and international law, and in keeping with internal procedures, as long as that is necessary for attaining the purposes stated above, or until the law requires the Company to do so, or in order for the Company to stay protected against potential claims.
After the respective period is completed, that Personal data is eliminated.

Who do we share personal data with? Do we provide it to third parties?

According to the Law and as much as that is necessary for the implementation of its legal duties as an employer, insurance provider, and tax payer, as a party from a contract for providing services, The Company provides Personal data to: 
• Central and municipal authorities, Customs, National Income Agency, National Social Security Institute, Ministry of Interior, etc. – while performing its legal obligations;
• Service providers: in cases when The Company uses service providers for implementing and signing contracts, while ensuring that all necessary protective measures are taken in sharing your personal data – couriers, etc.
• Service providers, hired by The Company for technical maintenance of internal information systems and operational maintenance of our activities, as well as software companies in charge of maintaining our websites or specific parts of them. Such sharing is based on written agreement guaranteeing that the administrators and those in charge of processing data shall ensure adequate security levels;
The Company does not reveal Personal data to persons outside the European Union.

Special Data Categories

The Company does not process sensitive data for client representatives, partners and service providers, or website users.

Is the personal data protected?

The Company ensures and maintains proper technological and organizational measures for Personal data protection against unauthorized access or illegal use of Personal data and/or against its accidental loss, change, revelation, access and/or damage or copying. Such measures aim to provide continuous protection and inviolability of Personal data. The Company revises those measures on a regular basis.
The Company has developed security procedures and regulations, as well as technical and physical limitations for accessing and using personal data.

How and when can a physical person object to data processing?

Every physical person has the right to object, at any given moment and based on reasoning connected with their specific situation, in written form addressed to The Company, against processing Personal data concerning that specific person.

Any questions?

You can contact our officer for all questions regarding the current agreement at 


The Company shall update the current Statement promptly by amending and adding at any time and when necessary, or when legislation or other circumstances require this.

Date: 30.10.2019