Spacial planning solutions Comprehensive services for implementing construction intentions.

Respect Consult offers comprehensive services for implementing construction intentions - solutions for issues regarding national spacial plans, cadastral errors and omissions, support for obtaining blueprints, visas, etc. A large range of services including:

Administration liaison

Liason at Municipalities within the Plovdiv administrative region, as well as at The Plovdiv Regional Directorate, administrative coordination;

Statements and reports regarding:

  • Documentation research in municipality archives, concerning incorrectly recorded or restored property;
  • Documentation research regarding inconsistencies in cadaster and regulation plans, and issues with the Cadastral map and the official property records;
        - Finding a solution and presenting options for reconciling the errors in the map and records;
        - Processing the official procedure for error correction and elimination;
  • Process facilitation regarding rights for initializing and establishment of land easement;
  • Documentation research regarding buildings, cultural monuments and consultation for efficient solutions; The Bulgarian Law of Property Act and the Cultural Heritage Act;
  • Documentation research regarding the official estate purpose of a certain real estate object and the options for transforming their purpose parameters or the establishment of new estate purpose parameters;
  • Research and outlining the required documentation regarding purchased or restored agricultural land, including land within the so called “communal land yards”, including the transformation of their official purpose for different needs;
  • Court representation at the Administrative Court regarding cadaster legislation (the Bulgarian Estate Purpose Act and the Cadastral Map and Registry Act); filing appeals for fines concerning the Bulgarian Water Act.

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